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Aside from our technical consultancy services, the core of Direct Logic's business is our custom software development service, programming custom business software for clients. Our particular approach to working with our clients and to managing software development helps us deliver powerful, reliable software that does the job.

Our Custom Software Developers

Direct Logic has several application designer's who have over a decades practical experience of developing software to solve real business problems. At the beginning of a project, an application designer will communicate closely with your company to understand exactly your requirements. If you find it helpful at this stage to see a non-functional prototype we can usually build one within hours.

Software Designers

The designers main job will be to produce the best possible design, because good design lies at the heart of reliable software. He will also oversee the team of programmer's implementing his design and work with you to install and deploy the product. Crucially, the same designer will have overall responsibility for the quality of the product and the professionalism of our service to you, from start to finish.

Experienced Computer Programmers

Unlike many much larger software development outsourcing companies, Direct Logic employs a testing manager who leads a permanent testing team. They independently test software produced by the programming teams at every stage of its development. Direct Logic's computer programmers are also supported by a research team, who can provide the innovative edge when a project calls for it.


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