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How many of your business decisions hinge on technical decisions ?

Technical Analysis Services

We provide technical consultancy services to help you make those decisions based on informed, well-focused technical analysis. Do you want to break into a new market, or to improve your profitability by installing new information systems ? You may already have taken outside advice, but we can assess the technical feasibility of your plans and provide an extra, independent analysis of the associated business risks.

How many of your business problems are really technical problems ?

Experienced IT Consultants

We have IT consultants with a wide range of expertise and experience. If you have a problem with your existing information systems, We'll help you solve it. If you have a software project that's progressing too slowly, Our consultants will analyze it impartially and help you get it back on track.

IT Consultancy Services

Direct Logic's IT consultants listen carefully to their clients so that they understand not only the technical issues but also their business context. Their advice is detailed and precise, but always made clear.

Please contact us to find out more about our IT consultancy services.


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