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Direct Logic, Inc. custom designs all it's  computer and  network systems to our  clients exact requirements  and specifications.
Our systems technicians design each and every file server and workstation to perform it's required tasks or function.

Our technicians will not install a high-end graphics workstation to do a simple data entry task, and we will not install an inadequate workstation to find it cannot perform the required job function, Only the proper equipment for the required job will be used.

Direct Logic, Inc. specializes in custom-tailoring networks to meet the specific needs of each of our clients. Whether you're installing a new network from scratch or upgrading your organization's existing information technology, we will be happy to work with you to ensure that the result meets our definition of an intelligently planned computer network.

Direct Logic, Inc. is a full service IT consulting and service provider that is dedicated to helping your business manage its Information and Technology needs in today’s competitive market. We have worked with a large number of companies in a variety of different fields and know how frustrating Information and Technology can be. Our goal is to develop, implement and maintain solutions that give you the freedom to concentrate on what you do best, your business.


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